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Data-driven providers have the edge over the competition

Published by Health Metrics, November 25, 2021

eCase is an enterprise strength client management system for health and social care. End users include Providers of Residential Aged Care, Home Care and Disability services. eCase has an integrated analytics layer that enables a Provider to become a data-driven organisation.

Becoming a data driven organisation starts with a solid foundation of high integrity transactional information. Without this, decision-making on an unsound transactional footing, will be worse than not doing it at all. By layering analytics on a sound foundation, eCase empowers Executives with all the tools for monitoring metrics and dimensions in real-time.

“There are trillions of data points that relate to quality, compliance, financial and prospect management. All emanating from disparate sources. The synthesizing and leveraged use of this data will give Providers a competitive advantage. This is timely and of specific importance to the residential aged care sector. A segment where the competition and compliance curves are heading in an upward direction…” said Steven Strange, Director – Innovation & Strategy, Health Metrics.

With consumers having more choice about their aged care future, and the star rating systems becoming mandatory, Providers are under pressure to stand out. Improving quality, compliance, financial management and services is the key to success.

The key to successfully navigating this period of great change will be a Provider’s commitment:

    • To better managing their data logistics (movement of data),
    • as well as their capacity to leverage and absorb critically important information in a timely manner
This can only be done with the deployment of a strong analytics layer. The eCase analytics layer synthesizes data and combines machine learning/AI capabilities to form “management consumable” dashboards. Otherwise known as “Business Intelligence” (BI).

Key success factors for BI in your organisation:
    • Senior Management support, leadership and sponsorship
    • Define key data points – “decision drivers” – use an analyst for this
    • Ensure data quality (the solid foundation)
    • Define the presentation layer – how will the message behind the data be consumed?

Quality data capture is fundamental. As a provider, you’re either capturing all the data points or you aren’t. And if you aren’t, you will not be able to scale nor manage the future informational demands on the business. That includes your ability to remain compliant.

Providers need to understand why data and analytics are important.

They need to understand how they can use intelligent analytics to improve care and service delivery. How providers then use their data to optimise services is what will separate the good facilities from the great!

We can safely say that occupancy pivots the viability of any residential aged care business.

Understanding the “front end” of your business will be crucial. Not just from a CRM-based workflow perspective, but from an analytics perspective.

What is your addressable market? Who are you missing out on? Who is most likely to make the decision about their parent potentially entering your facility?

Can you confidently answer these and other questions? To even tackle these types of questions requires committing to being a “data driven organisation”.

Analytics Dashboard

A good analytics dashboard summarises key events/activities and then allows you to drill down into and see the actual data. What’s important is that you provide useful data to the site managers, to the clinicians, to the people in the business who need that information to do their jobs at the right time.

“The eCase analytics dashboard is one of the key tools that we use at our facility to manage our clinical operations. All our managers at all our homes, and a lot of key clinical staff, have access to this dashboard and are going into it at any time during the day. Our quality team use it extensively as well.” said Neil Roper, Group Manager, IT & Infrastructure, Arcare.

With eCase you can set up your own dashboard with the KPI’s you would like to see. You can then filter it depending on the period, you can tailor that to whatever you like.

Example Residential Aged Care Insights:

    • How compliant is a site? Compared to?
    • Real-time metric and dimension monitoring – did your Falls across your group jump today? If so, why? By how many?
    • Pressure Wound status – how many, how long, how severe?
    • What will my future RAD cashflow look like? How accurate is that?
    • Who are my “At Risk” residents?
    • What are my clinical skill gaps, relative to my resident cohort?

Steven Strange on key metrics for Home Care services. “These could be things like missed appointments, appointments going overtime, and looking at deviations by time and location. Then you can look at how optimised your roster is against the staff availability and view how well you are managing your workforce.”

Automated insights in real time

Generating real-time insights for your decision making is easy with the right BI technology. The eCase Business Intelligence tool is powered by Yellowfin which enables you to automate your BI so you're not searching for those insights but bringing the right insights to you.


“Yellowfin uses ‘signals’ to deliver automated business monitoring. Signals looks at changes in data, and instead of ‘self-service’ slicing and dicing of data to generate insights signals provide you with an automated alert. Signals looks at changes in data highlight those to the right people at the right time” Daniel Shaw-Dennis Yellowfin


Providers should be spending more time actioning insights and less time generating reports.


YellowFin Signals

Providers who use their data and analytics with purpose can gain a competitive advantage.

Becoming a data-driven business is a journey, and each provider is at a different stage. Health Metrics are here to help you leverage data and business intelligence to improve compliance, quality and profitability. Contact us to continue the conversation.

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