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April 14, 2021

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Health Metrics, a leading supplier of software solutions to the Health and Social Care sector, has announced the launch of eCase Telehealth, providing new telehealth functionality for their Residential Aged Care customers.

With current COVID-19 measures in place restricting visitors to aged care facilities along with guidelines for social distancing, eCase Telehealth provides a solution to allow ongoing medical consultations, as well as helping families stay in touch with loved ones.

The functionality will allow Residential Aged Care providers to manage many of their facility activities remotely. Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacists will be able to use the technology for resident consultations and meetings with staff. Further, medication administration tasks are made easier with the potential for the Doctor and/or the Pharmacist to be on line at the same time.

In a first-mover agreement, eCase Telehealth will leverage the CollabCare TeleConsult platform, which provides virtual health centric tools. Created specifically for clinicians, the technology is designed with high level security and industry best practice for handling data. Secure socket layers and layered data encryption allow for sensitive information to stay safe within the system architecture. All service operations and data repositories reside strictly within Australia.

Features of the system include high definition video conferencing, real-time monitoring, chat messaging, screen and file sharing, calendar integration and major browser support. The cloud-based technology is compatible with all devices.

Health Metrics CEO Steven Strange says that in challenging times, fast solutions are required and his company has already seen a quick uptake of the technology from their clients.

“We are offering two months of free integrated eCase Telehealth functionality for our user base and also for others in the industry. With no obligations and no contracts,” he said.

“We understand there is a major need for this technology right now in our industry and we want to make it as uncomplicated as possible.”

For media enquiries, please contact Liz Hardy on 0423571891. To enquire about a free trial, click here.

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